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Where is Marquis is going to be next?

slideshow-morald aotw-where-is-marquis-next

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The Moral Dilemma Radio Show 4/27/14

The Anti-Christ Part #2 of 3....The Career of The Anti-Christ. Marquis discusses 21 things the Anti-Christ will do in approximate chronological order....

The Moral Dilemma Radio Show 4/20/14

The Future Scene Series featuring part 1 of "The Anti-Christ": The Rise of The Anti-Christ....

The Moral Dilemma Radio Show 4/13/14

The Super Villains panic as The Moral Dilemma "Future Scene" Series threatens to reveal thier plans...

The Moral Dilemma Radio Show 4/06/14

The Super Villains behind the headlines...

The Moral Dilemma Radio Show 3/30/14

The Super Villains reveal thier work behind the Gay Marriage Issue.....

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