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    Believers behind bars are listening to our radio show and requesting books to help them grow in their faith. You can help us help them by sending any books you have books lying around that have been a blessing to you. We are getting requests daily and can't keep up with the demand. Please send your books to: Acts of The Word Ministries, P.O. Box 27, Rochester, PA 15074. (No booklets, CD's, or DVDs). Please consider including a donation to help us with the cost of shipping. All gifts are tax deductible.

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Generosity Made Simple!

Alan Kurschner #2 What Have You Been Taught About the Rapture?

In part #2 of our interview with author and theologian Alan Kurschner we examine the landscape of teaching in the area of Bible Prophecy. Our Q & A segment examines what Jesus taught, and how some of these views directly contradict Him.

Alan Kurschner #1 Why Study Bible Prophecy?

This week marks the first or our interviews with Alan Kurschner, an author and theologian who is known for his debates surrounding the timing of the rapture event. We zero in on why is it important for us to understand this event, and Jesus' warnings concerning believers attitudes about His second coming.

Revelation 22:1-21 Verse By Verse Study

The final chapter in the book of Revelation is examined as we wrap up our verse-by-verse study this week. Our Q & A segment looks at why there is a warning at the end of this book not to "add or take away anything from it".

Revelation 21:1-27 Verse By Verse Study

Revelation chapter 21 details the New Jerusalem and how life will be in this heavenly place. But just who will be in heaven? And what will they be doing?

Revelation 20:1-14 Verse By Verse Study

The defeat of the Antichrist and the banishment of Satan are discussed as we examine Revelation chapter 20 in our verse-by-verse study. In the Q & A segment we tackle the question of "who will be at The White Throne Judgement?"

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