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21 Things Jesus Said About Our Future Part #3

How what Jesus said about the future matches the writings of the other writers of Scripture: Paul, John, Daniel etc...Discover the consistent sequence of events describing the return of Jesus repeated over and over again in the Bible.

21 Things Jesus Said About Our Future Part #2

Jesus spoke of a series of events that would occur just prior to His return. Discover how those events will unfold in part #2 of our series on the "21 Things Jesus Said About The Future".

21 Things Jesus Said About Our Future Part #1

Here is part 1 of a 3 part series examining 21 things Jesus predicted would happen just prior to His return.

5 Way To Clearly Understand What Jesus Said About The Future

Jesus made many predictions about the future, but how can we make sure we're interpreting them correctly? Marquis discusses 5 basic tools you can use to make sure you're understanding what the Bible says about the End-Times


Why I Believe Jesus About The Future

Marquis discusses the odds of predicting the future and the world's most reliable source for obtaining information about it.

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