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Where is Marquis is going to be next?

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Meet The Seven Super Villains of Society


The Bible Live Volume 1


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The Future of Your Body: Transhumanism in The Bible Part #1

What were our bodies originally designed to do? What will will be able to do in the future? How is technology changing what it means to be human? And how does all of this fit perfectly into Bible prophecy? This is part #1 of 3 in our series on The Future of Your Body!


Aliens In The Bible Part #3

Marquis examines Bible prophecy predicting the arrival of "Aliens" just prior to the return of Jesus Christ and how will they influence the world to follow the Antichrist.

Aliens In The Bible Part #2

What the Bible says about Aliens. Do they exist? Have they been here before? What are they doing right now? What does prophecy say about them returning to earth in the future?

Aliens In The Bible Part #1

Part # 1 of our three part series on UFO's and Aliens in the Bible. Who are they? Have they been here before? What does the Bible say about Aliens?

False Prophets Part 3

This is part #3 of our 3 part series. It examines the Career of The False Prophet: 12 things this person will do to decieve the entire world...

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