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Generosity Made Simple!

The Disciples on the End Times: Luke

In addition to repeating Jesus' teaching on his return found in chapter 24 of Matthew's Gospel, Luke gives us some unique information about what society will be like just prior to the setting up of the Kingdom of God on earth. What exactly did Jesus mean when He said the days before His coming would be "just like the days of Noah?"

The Disciples on the End Times: James

Marquis examines what James (Jesus' half brother) wrote concerning the End Times and the return of Jesus. A major trend we're seeing all over the world and especially in this country was predicted by James as something that would occur just prior to the return of Jesus. Our Word of the Week is PERSECUTION. Just what are we as believers supposed to expect?

The Disciples on the End Times: John

This week Marquis examines what the Apostle John taught about the End Times. He looks at the Rature event found in John's Gospel, and examines John's epistles to find a familiar pattern that echoes Jesus' teaching about His return. Marquis compares the most famous rapture passage in the Bible (2Thess.) to John's teaching to find that they teach the same thing about the timing of Jesus' return.

The Disciples on the End Times: Peter

This week we examine what the Apostle Peter taught about the End-Times and the return of Jesus. Marquis looks at 1st and 2nd Peter and compares them to Jesus' teaching about His return. The theme of suffering for being a believer runs through Peter's teaching, but it's not exactly popular teaching in the American church. In our Word of The Week segment Marquis looks at the identity of "the restrainer" and the role of the Holy Spirit after the rapture of the church.

The Disciples on the End Times: Mark

Marquis compares what is written in Mark's Gospel about Jesus' return with other passages of Scripture. This teaching is also found in Matthew chapter 24, and Luke's Gospel. The Apostle Paul also teaches it to the Corinthian church in his letters to them. Altogether the Scriptures paint a consistent picture of the sequence of events destined to take place just prior to the return of Jesus. In our Word of the Week segment we examine 3 major trends in the church toward the Bible.

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