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Generosity Made Simple!

Daniel Chapter 4:1-37 Verse-By-Verse Study

Daniel chapter 4 contains one of the most fascinating stories in all of the Bible. Marquis examines King Nebuchadnezzar's dream and it's fulfillment and how that relates to the rise and fall of all world leaders. What does God have to say about our current election? In our Word of The Week segment we discuss the results of a  fascinating survey revealing the 7 most sinful cities vs the 7 most saintly cities (based upon the 7 deadly sins).

Daniel Chapter 3:1-30 Verse-By-Verse Study

Marquis examines the classic story of The Fiery Furnace from the book of Daniel (chapter 3), and how it points to events predicted to happen in our future. This weeks "Word of The Week" is "Jealousy". How comprehensive is the influence of jealousy in our culture and in the church. How can we guard against its powerful influence?

Daniel Chapter 2:45-49 Pt. #2 Verse By Verse Study

Marquis examines the nature of the final form of world government predicted to appear just before the return of Jesus Christ. Using Scriptures from both New and Old Testaments he sheds light on Jesus' teaching about mankind's final attempt to rule the world. The Word of The Week is: ANTICHRIST. Marquis explores the career and relationships of the world's final dictator.

Daniel Chapter 2:45-49 Verse By Verse Study

Daniel chapter 2 is one of the most fascinating passages in all of the Bible. This week we focus on the final world government that will appear just prior to Jesus' return to rule and reign over His own Kingdom. Are we close to seeing this final form of mans attempt to rule the world appear? Our Word of The Week this week is: ABORTION. How does abortion fit into the final empire predicted in the book of Daniel?

Daniel Chapter 2:24-49 Verse By Verse Study

Nebuchadnezzar's dream reveals the future of every world empire from his day up through the return and reign of Jesus Christ. When Daniel interprets that dream for the king, God gives us amazing insight to His plan for the future of the world and where we are in His story.

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